11 de julho de 2016

Petra's Planet is a unique new interactive e-magazine for children

On 4 July 2016, a unique interactive digital magazine for children launches in the UK andIreland. Developed by Finnish company Dramaforum, "Petra's Planet" draws on the Nordic approach to learning by combining fun, quality content, and cultural and environmental awareness with the concept of global citizenship.

With the digital magazine, children learn about different countries, cultures, customs, food, and animal as they travel with a character named Petra, explains Dramaforum founder and mother-of-two, Eevamaria Halttunen.
"We know that children learn while playing - and that possibility also exists during screen time. With Petra's Planet, children engage online in a way that is fun but also helps them to learn more about the world around them," said Ms. Halttunen.
"By learning about new countries, cultures, and nature, we can foster compassion towards people and respect for the natural world," she said. "It also makes reading fun and that's great news for parents and children."
The digital magazine, designed for children aged between 7 and 11, is published monthly and comes with downloadable activities, including a printable passport for children to update.  Subscribers can complete creative projects, solve interactive puzzles, read news and reviews, and complete quizzes.
Each issue takes children on a journey to a new country. The first issue, available from 4 July, gives children an insight into Brazil and contains exciting activities related to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Future issues will include journeys to Sri Lanka and to Lapland in time for Christmas. 
Mrs Halttunen created Petra and established Dramaforum after she struggled to find online content that was engaging and educative for her own children. The company now delivers a host of Petra's Planet-related products, including Petra's Planet virtual world - which has more than 1.7 million subscribers worldwide, and Petra's Planet EDU products, designed for primary school use by teachers in Finland.
"I wanted to create products that are fun and also that inspire children to exercise their natural curiosity and discover the wonders of the world," says Mrs Haltunnen.
From 4 July 2016, the e-magazine is in the Apple and Android app stores, and available via Amazon, Windows 8, and Sainburys Entertainment, on the Pocketmags digital news stand, and direct from http://www.petrasplanetmagazine.com
It is also available across the Dawson Media Direct digital platform and a print version will be distributed to Eurostar lounges in ParisBrussels and London and on train services betweenLondon and the south of France.
Spencer Heather, product delivery manager for Eurostar, said Petra's Planet and the e-magazine appeals to its young travelers.
"As our young travelers set off on a journey from the heart of London and Ashford to the south of France, we're sure Petra's Planet will keep them thoroughly entertained," he said.  
For more information, please visit http://www.petrasplanetmagazine.com
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